The New Arch Design perfecting the original idea

By the time when we launched the second collection – Tear of Freya – we sensed that we had also gradually moved further in our thinking of “how to make Norse Mythology more accessible and compelling – through jewellery design”. Our aim and mission is to reach out with a clean and minimalistic design relationship to the Nordic Mythology. To take the ornamental original pieces and “enhance them” to get that brushed off tonality across. To get more people – a broader audience – to also be fascinated by the captivating stories of the Edda, -the old Norse Mythology poems-, and the tales from Aasgard and Midgard.

Back to Tear of Freya. With that sensibility of designing, we also believed there should be a new approach to re-design the old collection Dawn Hammer of Thor, one step towards the same language. So we started to develop the new hammer, with a much more “enhanced” tonality, higher and wider also, but the “roundedness” was fundamental – because that aligns more with Freya’s Tears and our thoughts on a unique and scandinavian design language.

Over time, we finally designed the perfect hammer, with the right weight, proportions, and look. We have forged two editions, both made from up-cycled Sterling Silver 935, one in sleek polished silver, and one which has been oxidised to give it that black raw unfinished style.

We are happy to say – we crafted it – the whole team, the foundry, and the gold/silversmiths are ecstatic about the outcome. Now – here it comes to you – named “Arch” – in the meaning of “accomplished”.