Thor & the story of Mjolnir

Thor, the god of thunder and lightning, is the strongest of the Aesir and protector of both gods and humans. He is married to the beautiful Goddess Sif, known for her golden hair and whose elegance we see represented within a few of our more “colourful” versions of the Dawn collection (link below). Thor has long fair red hair and a beard, that too are beautiful and represent his fiery personality, although in pop culture he has been frequently depicted as blond.

In spite of his incredible bravery and courage protecting Asgard, Thor’s short-temper makes him an easy target for practical jokes. Once Loke, famous for his pranks, cut off Sif’s hair to provoke Thor. This got the warrior raging, so to fix the situation the prankster went to Niðavellir and had two dwarf brothers create Sif new hair from pure gold. To ensure Thor was content enough not to hurt him, Loki also challenged the dwarves to smith an artifact more beautiful than anything previously seen – the Mjölner Hammer. This hammer does not break, when thrown it does never miss its target and always returns to Thor’s hand. Other than a weapon, it is a hallowing and purifying tool as well. The hammer Mjolnir became Thor’s most well-known possession, and also became Freya & Thor of Sweden’s first design. You can wear his strength and blessings through both the original Dawn hammer Collection, and the refined new Arch Hammer Collection.

Amongst his possessions are also the belt of power Megingjörð, which doubles Thor’s strength, the Járngreipr gloves, and a staff called Gríðarvölr given to him by the giantess Gríðr. Thor also possesses a chariot pulled by two goats (Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr) and feeds on the goats, that he then resurrects with his hammer. Although Thor is known mostly for his unmatchable strength, he is also an agriculture and fertility deity. With his Mjölnir, Thor blessed the land so the crops could grow abundantly.

At Freya & Thor of Sweden, we are greatly inspired by Norse Mythology, Thor’s strength and determination, and invite you to take a bit of that power with our Thor Hammer Bracelets, Necklace’s and not the least our recently released Hammer Earrings.