The relationship between Thor and Odin, and the mythic hammer Mjolnir

As an Asgardian, Thor has super godly abilities. Being the second most powerful Norse god after his father, Odin. Thor was bestowed as the “God of Thunder” and has been known as the self-protector of Earth, he was upright in character but fearsome to his enemies, and protected peasant warriors. Thor was also recognized in myth and legends by the mortals of Midgard as the Norse Thunder God who used Mjolnir to summon rain, thunder, lightning, wind and more.

However, long before he was entitled as the warrior prince, he was very short-sighted and full of himself; he initiated battle to prove his heroism and power through his reckless behavior. Thor’s father, Odin, the King of Asgard, then banished him to Midgard by shredding all his strength and abilities until he proved himself worthy of his power. The consequences he faced as a result of his attitude taught him a valuable lesson and thus he returned humbler and wiser. Thor realized that the punishment taught him to think about his actions and be more prepared to safeguard humankind and fight for the greater good.

The changes in his personality created a strong interconnection between him and the family, primarily his father, Odin. Thor was fully aware that if not for his father, he would remain irresponsible and arrogant and hence, he holds Odin in high honor, believing that there is no more thoughtful man, or better father. We, the crew in Freya & Thor of Sweden, often relate to this episode in Norse Mythology, we strongly believe that many of us can improve in the way we think and act – for the better of our fellow friends – and for the Earth in a greater perspective. (Read more about our story here.) When you know that you are doing good for other people, animals, the nature, then you also feel better mentally – and you can go on even stronger in the world – just as Thor did.

Our logo – Thor’s magic hammer, Mjolnir (or Mjölner) which always returned to his hand after carrying out what was intended. Thor’s strength wouldn’t have been complete without his mystical hammer. Mjolnir, which is portrayed as his vital asset, supporting him when needed. With Mjölner, Thor can also channel powerful energy with the ability to control the weather. In other words – Thor’s hammer represents heroism, nobility, self-reliance, and honor – incorporated in our collection “Arch” and it’s various jewellery pieces like for instance the Arch earrings. It’s a symbol with a history that extends back a thousand years to pre-Christian Europe – it is our symbol for using strength for the greater good.

The sleek minimalistic design behind our products is a manifestation of Thor and Freya’s humbleness, love, and nature. Our Norse Mythology-inspired theme is not only design-based but we also aim to represent what these two gods stood for, in terms of fighting the unjust, standing up for the good, and spreading love. Therefore, it’s our continuous strive to do better everyday, both as individuals and as a team – and we hope to inspire our wearers to do the same when wearing one of our jewellery pieces.