How to find your perfect Tear of Freya or Hammer of Thor bracelet

The Freya & Thor handmade Bracelets have a design and open/close function that can be customized for your own personal style. The bracelet comes with both braided leather and round leather (plus a couple of R-PET nylon cord), in several variations. The tears come in silver (for bracelets) like for instance the Black and Silver version, and the hammer in both silver, black/oxidised silver and gold. Additionally, you can choose between a single, double, or triple cord for several of the pieces. See more here. Every combination of cord color and metal presents a different image.

Don’t see the combination you’re looking for on our website? Contact us, in some cases, we can customise the Freya or Thor bracelet of your taste. Your unique design might even become our newest product. 🙂

On each product page for the bracelets you find which attributes you can choose from, here for instance the duo brown and silver bracelet.