The Beginning of time & our brand

The beginning of time, both for Norse Mythology and the brand Freya & Thor of Sweden

Before time, there was only a primordial abyss. There was no sea nor sky, just this endless void called Ginnungagap – which gave inspiration to our early pieces and the Dawn bracelets in specific. Just as there is a beginning for Nordic Mythology, so too is there one for our brand. “Dawn” (in the meaning “beginning”) was also that first design trying our idea and passion for a unique brand. The idea was to make jewelry, with a minimalistic expression, that could convey the beautiful messages of the Godly tales from the Nordics.

Back to the beginning of Midgard and Asgard: Somehow Yggdrasil, an ash tree, started to spring in the Ginnungagap. This tree would be responsible for all life and connecting the different realms in norse mythology, for which we honour Yggdrasil. On its branches two realms were born: Muspelheim, to the south of Ginnungagap; and Niflheim, up north.

Muspelheim is boiling hot and always lit due to its violent and continuous fires, while Niflheim is a frozen land of mist and darkness where icy rivers flow from the single spring Hvergelmir.

Although these two worlds were set apart by Ginnungagap, slowly a breeze spread Muspelheim’s sparks and embers into the void, while up north the river’s waters were getting into Ginnungagap.

Once the warmth coming from Muspelheim met the rime from the rivers, the ice melted, turning into water and from droplets Ymir, the first ice giant, was created along Auðumbla, the cow.

From Ymir’s sweat, three children were formed—a boy and a girl from his armpit’s sweat, and a six-headed son from his legs—starting a line of frost giants, the Jötnar. Inspired by the ice giants we came up with a series of cold Dawn bracelets, where actually most (updated 2023) have been stopped in production. We have developed and instead of Dawn we created the Arch hammer collection which you can discover more of here. Anyhow, Ymir and his family would feed on the Auðumbla’s milk, who’d in turn get nourishment from the salt in the ice she would lick. After three days of licking an ice block, she uncovered a frozen body: Búri, the first of all gods. The Nordic Mythology is indeed very fascinating, discover more through reading the book of songs – the Edda.